Jackie Glassman – Career Essays

                                                      My First Career Choice          My primary career choice is to be a musical theater performer on a Broadway stage. No position in this career is exactly the same. Each person experiences their own unique journey along this vigorous path. Musical Theater performers’ salaries tend to vary depending on numerous factors, including the popularity of […]

Career Essay 2

  Career Profile – Music Professor: A music professor is someone who teaches a variety of different music related courses and arranges music related activities, such as performances or recitals, creates lesson plans to help students understand music related concepts, and grades student work at universities and/or other post secondary education institutions. The median salary […]

Caroline Lineberger Career Essay No. 2

Private Lesson Teacher   Private Teachers work one on one with students, helping them learn techniques and skills that will last them through their whole careers. String teachers specifically, teach two separate sets of skills, one for each hand. Whereas with wind/brass players, string players hands are doing completely different things at the same time. […]