Erin Seaton Career Essay 1

Erin Seaton

Future Career in Music

Position Title: Performer


Ever since I was young, it has been my dream to act. Growing up all I could think about was being in a movie and starring on the big screen with other famous actors. I had no other career choices in mind; acting was the only option for me. But when I was in the third grade, I discovered singing. I joined my elementary school’s choir and from there I fell in love with a different aspect of performing. Singing and acting were the perfect ways to express yourself with music and through the form of a character, respectively.


The median salary per year for an actor is roughly $49,363. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly pay was $18.70. There are no education requirements for becoming an actor, but it could be highly beneficial to an actor’s career if they step out onto the scene with previous acting experience or education under their belt. And there is no guarantee that an actor will get a “big break” after one or two auditions; in fact, it could take years of performing in smaller roles before an actor lands a big role that could define the rest of their career.


The median salary per year for a singer is roughly $39,899. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly pay was $25.14. There aren’t necessarily educational requirements to become a singer, but most performers usually hold a bachelor’s degree and will branch into other aspects of music careers, such as music teachers/professors, record label managers, etc.


My goal is to move to Los Angeles and break into the entertainment industry there. The cons of living in LA, however, are the extremely high prices for things such as apartment rent (approximately $1,949 for a one bedroom apartment) and the infamously crazy transportation. But despite the negatives, I won’t give up on pursuing something I’ve dreamt of for so long.





Actor or Actress Salary:


Musician or Singer Salary:


Cost of Living in Los Angeles:



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