Erin Seaton Career Essay 2

Erin Seaton

Potential Career in Journalism

Position Title: Journalist


Although music and acting are my main interests, another interest I would pursue if the others did not work out would be journalism. My other major here at school is communications, and I have been involved with journalism since middle school. I have worked on yearbook staffs and am currently the staff designer for Jacksonville University’s newspaper The Navigator. My favorite part of journalism is the ability to tell stories from so many different perspectives – writing done properly can truly work the imagination of a reader.


The median salary for a journalist is roughly $39,338. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage is $18.18. Education is required for this career; usually a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a similar field. Certain jobs may even require previous experience or an entry-level internship.


Depending on what field of journalism someone chooses to pursue, their everyday life can become very hectic. A journalist must be ready at any moment to report on a developing story, especially if it is a breaking news story. Another important part of being a journalist is the ability to remain unbiased about whatever they are reporting on. It can be very tempting to take a side in a story but when delivering the news, it is imperative to deliver the truth and tell the story as it is, free from embellishments or opinions.


Another thing I love the most about journalism is the fact that you get to learn so many things. By reporting on different things going on in the world, you become more culturally aware and gain the ability to view the world from the eyes of different people. If my career in music does not work out, I would be just as happy working as a journalist.




A Day in the Life of a Journalist:


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