Isabella Sanchez: Career Essay #2 (Overdue)

Position: Voice Actress (My #2 career choice)

Position Description: Voice actors are individuals that use their voices and acting skills in order to be used for work such as animations, cartoons, commercials, radio dramas, video games, etc. Voice acting is essentially, “The art of doing voiceovers.” 

Salary Range: The salary can range depending on how much experience you have as a voice actor. But the average voice actor has a salary of $31,400 a year. If you’re an entry level voice actor, you can expect to earn $18, 390 a year. An experienced voice actor has an average annual salary of $90,000 a year.

Education and training: A college education isn’t really necessary, but voice and acting training is definitely required. Having a voice-over coach is important and recommended because they can help train how to find your true voice, and they can teach you how to use your voice healthily. They can help you develop strong technique and control with your voice. Taking acting classes is important too because voice-acting is a form of acting, and it’s important to know how to use your voice in acting without relying on the physical movements of your body.

Experience/Skills/Personality Traits: It’s important to have experience in reading new text aloud, improvisation, and acting because all of these elements will be used in this career. In regards to skills, acting skills, technology skills, and business skills are essential in this career. The acting skill speaks for itself, but the technology skill is essential because an individual must be comfortable with technology and using it in order to record their voices and create a demo reel (which is a recording showcasing the person’s voice-acting talents). Business skills are essential too because one must take charge in running their own business and marketing themselves to be hired. Similar to a singer/songwriter, a voice actor must have a persevering kind of attitude because things won’t fall into place so easily and quickly. A voice actor must be hard-working too and stay optimistic in spite of rejection. It’s expected for a voice actor to face some rejection when they attend a lot of auditions, thus they must stay positive despite those obstacles. 

Professional Associations or Unions: The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA); Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA); EQUITY, Audio Publishers Association, The International Animated Film Society, etc.

Websites: ~~~This website provided a step by step guide on becoming a voice actor and also described the necessary skills one must have to become successful. ~~~This website also provided a step by step guide in becoming a voice actor and offered helpful tips. ~~~This website provided a career description of voice acting. ~~~This website gave information about the average salary. ~~~This website provided general tips/steps in becoming a voice actor. ~~~This website provided professional associations and unions for voice actors.

*Although I reached out to certain voice acting agencies, I was unable to get an interview with anyone*

I have chosen this career because I’ve always had a fascination with the voices behind well-known characters, such as Spongebob. I find it cool that a person is able to use just their voices to portray a character’s personality. In addition, some voice actors actually sing in their career too, so I’d still be able to pursue my passion and love for singing. I feel that I would be good at this position because this career requires voice technique and control, which I feel that I have gained through my practice with singing. I have also had experience in acting, so with more practice, I feel like I’d be able to use my voice to portray the personality of a character. I also enjoy and am good at reading, so that’s another advantage.

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