Isabella Sanchez: Press Release (Overdue)

*For immediate release*

Contact Information: 

Name: Isabella Sanchez


First Fall Recital of the Year for Michelle Brock-Kemp’s Voice Studio!

Jacksonville, FL – Performing live at Sam Mark’s chapel located in Jacksonville University, the voice students of Michelle Brock-Kemp will be performing their first fall recital of the year! It will take place on December 1st, 2017 at 7:30 pm and all are welcome to come! Consisting of about 10 singers, each individual will perform a number of unique and well-known pieces, such as, “Sound of Music” from the musical Sound of Music and, “My True Love” from Phantom. The music ranges from classical to musical theatre repertoire. 

All of these female singers first learn their pieces at the beginning of the fall semester, and through this recital they are able to showcase their musical skills and talents. You don’t want to miss these powerful performances, so come on out and enjoy the show! Admission is free. 

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