Isabella Sanchez: Updated Bio (Overdue)

Isabella Sanchez is a singer, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist that was born in Singapore and raised in different places ranging from the U.S. to Japan. She was a member of Atlantic Coast High School’s advanced chorus group called Legacy, in which they performed with legendary artists such as Foreigner and Eric Church. Her father was in […]

Isabella Sanchez: Career Essay #2 (Overdue)

Position: Voice Actress (My #2 career choice) Position Description: Voice actors are individuals that use their voices and acting skills in order to be used for work such as animations, cartoons, commercials, radio dramas, video games, etc. Voice acting is essentially, “The art of doing voiceovers.”  Salary Range: The salary can range depending on how […]

Isabella Sanchez: Career Essay #1 (Overdue)

Position: Singer/Songwriter (My #1 career choice) Position Description: Singer songwriters are musicians who write and perform original songs. Depending on the circumstances, the individual can either perform the songs by himself/herself or have a band accompany him/her. Often, the singer will play instruments too such as the guitar or piano, which are used in their […]

Isabella Sanchez: Press Release (Overdue)

*For immediate release* Contact Information:  Name: Isabella Sanchez Email: First Fall Recital of the Year for Michelle Brock-Kemp’s Voice Studio! Jacksonville, FL – Performing live at Sam Mark’s chapel located in Jacksonville University, the voice students of Michelle Brock-Kemp will be performing their first fall recital of the year! It will take place on […]