Isabella Sanchez: Updated Bio (Overdue)

Isabella Sanchez is a singer, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist that was born in Singapore and raised in different places ranging from the U.S. to Japan. She was a member of Atlantic Coast High School’s advanced chorus group called Legacy, in which they performed with legendary artists such as Foreigner and Eric Church. Her father was in the Navy, which allowed her to travel and listen to distinct styles of music and artists, thus influencing her artistic style. She incorporated these different musical styles into her singing in order to experiment with her vocal abilities and emulate these unique sounds. Her performances range from singing R&B to classical to soul and other genres. She also enjoys playing different instruments such as the trumpet, piano, and ukulele, which she sometimes includes in her performances.

During her time in high school, she got involved in marching band, dance, musical theatre, and chorus. In addition, she was a member of the Music Honor Society. She attributes these classes and clubs to her musical skills and knowledge. Isabella is also a choir member at her church, Holy Family, where she cantors for weddings and funerals. She has also performed at formal Navy Ball events, where she would sing not just the U.S. national anthem, but the Japanese national anthem as well. As of now, Isabella is currently pursuing a BM degree in vocal performance at Jacksonville University. She is an active member of University Singers and Choral Union. 

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