Career Essay Description

Write an essay about the career in music you know you wish to pursue and a second essay about a career in music you find interesting enough to pursue for when you are older and need to slow down. I would say in case your first choice doesn’t pan out, but you are all amazing and that will not be happening for you!

To write the essay, you first need to do your research. Use at least 5 sources from books, magazines and websites to inform your essay. Additionally, in order to gain personal insights and practical advice about the career, interview someone (preferably in person, or by phone) whose career is in the profession you have chosen. 

Each essay starts with a career profile that contains the Position Description, Salary Range, Education and Training, Experience/Skills/Personality Traits, Professional Associations or Unions and Internet Sites – List the ten internet sites (title and URL) that were the most helpful in researching your position, in priority order (i.e.; the first listing was the most important, the second the next most helpful, etc.). Include a title of the site and a short description.

Each essay will also have your interview report and observations which include:

What are the benefits and rewards of the position?
What are the challenges?
What aspects of formal training or work experience are most important in the success of the position?
What are the most important personal qualifications for the position?
What are the position’s employment and advancement prospects?

Lastly, write a paragraph about why you have chosen these positions and what makes you think you would be great at them.

Once you have written your essays, post it to our course blog. Make sure to select the appropriate category for your post which is Career Essay. Make sure to hit publish and your Career Essay will be on the course site. All you need to do now is go to the post, copy the link and paste it into an email for me to grade.