Georgie Rodriguez Bio

Georgie Rodriguez is a Bass Trombonist born in Puerto Rico and raised in Jacksonville. His major accomplishments include Performing as a soloist at the Performing Arts Institute (PAI) in Pennsylvania, has served as Bass Trombonist for Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra for over 3 years, and also has served in other local community orchestras in the Jacksonville area.

Significant performances include Pines of Rome, Scheherazade, Tchiakovsky Symphony No. 4, and many more.

Although playing the Bass Trombone is my passion I love to Box. The first thing I did when I came to America from Puerto Rico is Box for a few years. Shortly after I laid it off for music but I still connect with my roots every now and then. Having past trophies from my accomplishments in that chapter of my life is enough for me.

Graduating from Douglas Anderson I had one goal in mind. To use what I’ve learned and the opportunities I’ve had to pay it forward to young musicians around the world.