Questions to Answer

  1. Which social media sites will you have a presence on? Explain why you did or didn’t chose certain sites.
  2. Do you need a logo? Can you just use your picture? What do you plan to do and when will it be done? What font(s) will you use? Explain why or why not.
  3. What is your plan for your photographs? How many will you have made? Have you selected a photographer? Do you have a plan for hair, make up, clothing, style (performing/with or without instrument/serious/formal/informal/etc.) and location? 

And the big question:

How do these choices tie in with how you wish to develop and promote yourself as a successful musician/artist/educator?


The best list of Social Media Guides:

Videos about social media that are less detailed but still vey helpful:

Do you need a logo? If you do, some things to consider:

Sort of a how to guide to branding:

Photographs – one of the most important things for sure:

Really great essay on how to chose your picture:

More photo tips: