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Elizabeth Stork is currently pursing a Bachelors Degree in Music Education at Jacksonville University, majoring on flute. She graduated from Oakleaf High School (FL) where she was a member of the Oakleaf High School Wind Symphony for four years serving as principal flute her junior and senior year. Elizabeth earned superior ratings at the district and state level on solo flute performances. She confirmed her interest and talent for conducting and leading while serving as a section leader for three years and a drum major her senior year for the “Golden Regiment” Marching Band. elizabethstork.net

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  1. Betsy, I really enjoyed reading your bio. You had mentioned that you have earned superior rates at district and state level performances on the flute. You could probably give more details by adding the names of these performance along with possibly the years that you performed. This way people will have a deeper understanding of the performances you were in when they read your bio. Overall, it was really good.

  2. This bio seemed a little short. You could add some interesting things about yourself that isnt musical.

  3. I would add more information and specify what competitions you earned those ratings at. Not everyone is familiar with districts and state.

  4. I thought this was a good biography. I think you could add quite a few more things. Maybe some more about yourself as an individual in your community rather than just with music. Also, add that you attend JU near the end of your bio.

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