Isabella Sanchez: Career Essay #2 (Overdue)

Position: Voice Actress (My #2 career choice) Position Description: Voice actors are individuals that use their voices and acting skills in order to be used for work such as animations, cartoons, commercials, radio dramas, video games, etc. Voice acting is essentially, “The art of doing voiceovers.”  Salary Range: The salary can range depending on how […]

Isabella Sanchez: Career Essay #1 (Overdue)

Position: Singer/Songwriter (My #1 career choice) Position Description: Singer songwriters are musicians who write and perform original songs. Depending on the circumstances, the individual can either perform the songs by himself/herself or have a band accompany him/her. Often, the singer will play instruments too such as the guitar or piano, which are used in their […]

Daniel Hubert – Careers in the Music Industry

Careers in the Music Industry By Daniel Hubert   The music industry is evolving faster than ever before. Many services which could once be provided only by a record company, now can be handled by almost anyone in their own home. Faster, cheaper methods have replaced traditional, more costly recording practices. This has caused many […]

Jackie Glassman – Career Essays

                                                      My First Career Choice          My primary career choice is to be a musical theater performer on a Broadway stage. No position in this career is exactly the same. Each person experiences their own unique journey along this vigorous path. Musical Theater performers’ salaries tend to vary depending on numerous factors, including the popularity of […]

Career Essay 2

  Career Profile – Music Professor: A music professor is someone who teaches a variety of different music related courses and arranges music related activities, such as performances or recitals, creates lesson plans to help students understand music related concepts, and grades student work at universities and/or other post secondary education institutions. The median salary […]