Isabella Sanchez: Updated Bio (Overdue)

Isabella Sanchez is a singer, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist that was born in Singapore and raised in different places ranging from the U.S. to Japan. She was a member of Atlantic Coast High School’s advanced chorus group called Legacy, in which they performed with legendary artists such as Foreigner and Eric Church. Her father was in the Navy, which allowed her to travel and listen to distinct styles of music and artists, thus influencing her artistic style. She incorporated these different musical styles into her singing in order to experiment with her vocal abilities and emulate these unique sounds. Her performances range from singing R&B to classical to soul and other genres. She also enjoys playing different instruments such as the trumpet, piano, and ukulele, which she sometimes includes in her performances.

During her time in high school, she got involved in marching band, dance, musical theatre, and chorus. In addition, she was a member of the Music Honor Society. She attributes these classes and clubs to her musical skills and knowledge. Isabella is also a choir member at her church, Holy Family, where she cantors for weddings and funerals. She has also performed at formal Navy Ball events, where she would sing not just the U.S. national anthem, but the Japanese national anthem as well. As of now, Isabella is currently pursuing a BM degree in vocal performance at Jacksonville University. She is an active member of University Singers and Choral Union. 

Andrea C. Vilarino Gonzalez Correct BIO

Andrea Cristina Vilariño -González: Is a talented all-around Actress, Soprano and Special Effect Make-up Artist. She is from Ponce, Puerto Rico and is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Music Theatre at Jacksonville University in Florida. Her theatrical training began by performing as Terk in Disney’s Tarzan The Musical, as Joy (Stepsister) in Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella and feature performance in Snow White & The Boardwalk Band, Peter Pan & Wendy, Robin Hood Comedy Musical, and Under Pressure at La Perla Theatre in Puerto Rico. She also features in Weird Romance, Children of Eden, Springs Awakening and as Ms. Mc Queen in Urinetown at the Swisher Theatre in Jacksonville. Andrea is an active member of the AlphaPsi Omega, the Theatre Honor Society and SNAT (Student National Association of Teachers of Singers). She also works for Jacksonville Party Princess Productions as Elena, Moana and as a Makeup Artist. Her professional experience include performance at Juventud Vibra (a national talent show in Puerto Rico), a Main character for a musical group performing for 7 years at Christmas Season at Plaza del Caribe Mall and a special recital concert singing a musical piece with John Bucchino (Pianist and composer). Andrea’s main goal is to keep developing as a versatile professional in the Musical Theatre Industry.

Marisa Marts’ Bio

Having been on national television twice and published her own novel by the time she was 18 years old, Marisa Marts is an aspiring young musician located in Jacksonville, Florida.  Before she delved into the music realm, she was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame when she was only 9 years old and participated in several other sports including ballet, tap dance, gymnastics, softball, and soccer.  Her primary instrument is flute, although she plays piccolo, alto saxophone, and clarinet as well.  In addition, she has composed a few of her own solos and pieces.  Marisa’s love for performing began in fifth grade when she was the only one out of all the other music students to have made a sound out of the flute on her first try.  Since then, she has participated in the Delaware All State ensembles and Kent County Honor Bands for five years, starting in the eighth grade.  When she was 16, she performed on ABC with the All Star Marching Band in the Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia on piccolo.  In the following year, also playing piccolo, Marisa performed with the Macy’s Great American Marching Band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC (  Within the past year, she has also performed in the pit orchestra for 3 musicals — CATS, Oklahoma!, and The Seussical.  Duwane Sandlin, when presenting Marisa with the B&B Musical Education award, described her as a versatile, dedicated, and industrious flute player.  In her spare time, Marisa enjoys writing, filming, and drawing.

Andrea Cristina Vilarino Gonzalez Bio

Andrea Cristina Vilarino Gonzalez is a Soprano, Painter and Professional Makeup Artist who loves SFX and Zombie Makeup Blood. Her makeup career has been very successful over the past 8 years. In 2016, she won first place in the Jose Cuervo Diaz de los Muertos Competition with her sugar skull makeup. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree inMusical Theatre. Andrea is from Ponce, Puerto Rico but now resides in Jacksonville, Florida. She studied in Colegio Ponceno, Class of 2015. Andrea spent 5 years in Coro de Ninos de ponce as the lead soprano in her choir. She currently performs for weddings and St. Joseph Catholic Church in San Agustin every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Andrea’s favorite roles include Terk in Tarzan, Joy stepsister in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and Ms. McQueen in Urinetown. She was a featured performer in Snow White in the Boardwalk Band; Peter Pan and Wendy; Robin Hood the Comedy Musical; Under Pressure, in the “Teatro la Perla” in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She was also featured in Weird Romance, Children of Eden, Spring Awakening and Urinetown at Jacksonville University. Andrea i currently in AlphaPsi Omega, the theatre honor society, at Jacksonville University and SNATS. She also works for Jacksonville Party Princess Porductions as Elena, Moana and a Makeup Artist. Andrea sang for Rene Cruz collection of Formal Fantansy, “Bring me to life” for the South Fashion Week in Puerto Rico. Andrea’s main goal is provide the best quality and covers of music to give others the confidence to express in various was grow music or arts.


J Roe Bio

J Roe is a composer and guitarist currently residing in the Jacksonville area. His passion is artistic expression and creation on any front, but his favored medium is music. He strives to create new and original works. In 2014 he studied classical guitar at the University of West Florida (UWF) under the tutelage of Joe Stallings with guidance from Ricardo Cobo and Thibaut Garcia. During this time he also performed with the UWF big band and jazz combo at the Pensacola Jazz Festival and other Pensacola Jazz Society events. After a fateful composition class, he realized he wanted to be a composer as well as guitarist and transferred to Jacksonville University.

J is currently studying under jazz guitarist Gary Starling and composer Jianjun He while pursuing a double major in jazz & commercial music and composition. He conveys complex ideas and emotions through music and is always looking for a new challenge.

Joseph Brown Bio

Joseph Brown is a Saxophonist who mixes the show and core style experience into one. He composes music, creates drills and performs in various music ensembles. He was the Head Drum Major at his high school in 11th and 12th grade, and the President of the Band his 12th grade year. Growing up, he wanted to play Tuba because he loved hearing the bass line. In the 7th grade he joined his middle school band program but was sadly told he couldn’t play Tuba because at his school you couldn’t  bring a Tuba on the school bus. Instead of feeling down he fell in love with another instrument called the saxophone. Going into his 11th grade year he went to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)  band camp ranked as the 3rd best saxophonist out of 63 saxophone players. Outside of music he enjoys watching sports and watching anime.

Angie Acedera – Bio

Angie Acedera is a vocalist based in Jacksonville, Florida. She is an avid performer both in solo and ensemble work. In her senior year of high school, she was a member of the Florida Music Education Association All-State Women’s Chorus. She also graduated with an International Baccalaureate diploma. Angie has previously studied under the direction of Dr. Samuel Shingles, and now privately studies under the instruction of Prof. Michelle Brock-Kemp. Currently, she sings with the Jacksonville University Singers and Choral Union, under the direction of Dr. Timothy Snyder. Angie is a founding member of VOX, Jacksonville University’s student a cappella group. Around the university, she is a member of the JU Honors Program and Residential Life. Outside of school, she is a cantor at Christ the King Catholic Church. She has also performed for weddings, athletic events, awards ceremonies, school concerts, and festivals, such as the Philippine Independence Day festival.

Georgie Rodriguez Bio

Georgie Rodriguez is a Bass Trombonist born in Puerto Rico and raised in Jacksonville. His major accomplishments include Performing as a soloist at the Performing Arts Institute (PAI) in Pennsylvania, has served as Bass Trombonist for Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra for over 3 years, and also has served in other local community orchestras in the Jacksonville area.

Significant performances include Pines of Rome, Scheherazade, Tchiakovsky Symphony No. 4, and many more.

Although playing the Bass Trombone is my passion I love to Box. The first thing I did when I came to America from Puerto Rico is Box for a few years. Shortly after I laid it off for music but I still connect with my roots every now and then. Having past trophies from my accomplishments in that chapter of my life is enough for me.

Graduating from Douglas Anderson I had one goal in mind. To use what I’ve learned and the opportunities I’ve had to pay it forward to young musicians around the world.

Emily Pate Website

Starting at the age of eight, Pate performed in over twenty productions at the community, collegiate, and semi-professional level. Some of her notable roles include Jane Porter in Tarzan,Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and in the ensemble of Jesus Christ Superstar. Emily has worked in New York City with Music Theater International as one of twenty students across the country selected to workshop new shows for licensing. Timothy McDonald, director and co-owner of MTI, describes Pate’s performance as “passionate and dedicated from the first note of the prelude.”  Since starting her bachelor of fine arts in music theater, Pate has grown her knowledge on and off the stage. She has been featured in three mainstage productions (Weird Romance, Children of Eden, Spring Awakening), and assisted in the direction of two plays (The Laramie Project, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas). Crafting sets and props is another facet of Pate’s talents with design credits at Jacksonville University including Seminar, Children of Eden, and The Laramie Project. Emily also works as a princess party performer with Girly Girl Parteas, honing her acting, singing, and improvisational skills with children. Emily has written and directed three shows in her career, including a musical journey through the 1980’s (in which she is quite passionate!) Emily is currently the lead vocalist in Dorsal Funk, a rock/ pop band in Jacksonville.

Bio kameron watkins

Kameron Watkins is a bass player from Jacksonville, he has played at various conventions and competition such as jen(jazz educators network),swing central, Jacksonville jazz festival. He has also played many styles such as funk, jazz, classical, rock, and Latin. He has also been a part of the Douglas Anderson orchestra and grammy nominated jazz band-the Douglas Anderson school of the arts jazz band, which won swing central 2017 and also place 2nd nationally in downbeat magazine. He graduated from Douglas Anderson school of the arts and is currently perusing a jazz and commercial music degree.